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What is the Plan of Care?

by At Home Preferred on July 19, 2012

During a sports timeout, you’ll often see a coach wildly scribbling on a clipboard, marking X’s and O’s with a marker, drawing arrows and lines that criss-cross, and gesturing at the field or court to get a point across. The goal of the coach? Produce the best possible outcome for his team. While we may not have a scribbled-on clipboard, you can expect a Plan of Care from At Home Preferred, which is dedicated to carefully considering and planning out the best possible caregiving team and daily actions.

Our plan of care maps out each day for the caregiver and client. A registered nurse meets with both the client and the client’s family members to carefully assess the needs, determining the appropriate level of support needed each day. Tasks that need to be completed are marked as such, ensuring the best possible service day-in and day-out. With the At Home Preferred Plan of Care, you can be sure that your loved one is cared for responsibly on a daily basis.

What’s included in the Plan of Care?

  • Personal Care Services – Bathing assistance, cosmetic care, medication assistance, mobility and transfer assistance, and more.
  • Homemaking Services – Changing linens, laundry, cooking, vacuuming, general cleaning, and more.
  • Companion Services – Errands, shopping, transportation, recreation, and more.
  • Other services as determined. View a sample Plan of Care here.

After creating a Plan of Care, you’ll also want to have a back-up plan of action. This will give you peace of mind in the event that a caregiver is unexpectedly unable to provide services on a certain day. Not only is this important for your loved one, but having a plan also prepares family members to act as a back-up for the Plan of Care. Since the tasks that need completed have already been outlined and decided upon, you won’t have to worry about confusion or uncertainty.

We also know that in-home care and personal services can be expensive. We’re always ready and willing to discuss the Plan of Care, and promote savings through family and friends pitching in to supplement At Home Preferred’s services.

Throughout the entire Plan of Care process, we always listen-and insist on receiving-feedback from our clients and their loved ones. No team plan is complete without everyone having a voice, which is why our Plan of Care is revisited with continuous feedback. Take some time to discuss your options with your family and loved ones, and see if At Home Preferred is the right option for your in-home care.