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What Is Home Care

Home care is care that is provided in the home or any place a person calls home such as an independent or assisted living facility. It can be as simple as providing caregivers to help individuals prepare meals and run errands. it can also entail around-the-clock care.

How do you determine the services you need?

The State of Indiana has very specific guidelines about how home care services are delivered and how home care agencies are categorized based on the services they may provide. There are three types of agencies:

  • Personal Service Agency
  • Home Health Licensed Agency
  • Home Health Licensed and Certified

Each license entitles an agency to deliver certain types of care and your choice of an agency is determined by the specific nature of your case. That is why the first step in any case is to have an in-home assessment to review the client’s physical condition and a determination of the types of supportive services that are needed. Please refer to our Personal Services Agency vs. Home Health grid below to further define these different models.