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Want to Work After Retiring? Try Home Care

by sfpadmin on July 20, 2016

shutterstock_146623217I recently met a friend for coffee. I wasn’t sure what to expect; she’d taken early retirement when she hit 62, and at first she was excited about leaving her 9-to-5 life behind. But within months, she was complaining about being bored and not having any money for all of the fun things she’d like to do. Walking into Starbucks, I steeled myself for what I thought would be another moan fest. I ordered a vanilla no-fat latte and scanned the  room.

My friend was at a corner table, a big smile on her face. Her usual workout wear was replaced with a sharp outfit; not formal like for work, but not typical retiree wear either. She looked casually professional. As I sat, she told me she had an announcement: she had a new job.

I was stunned. Here was a woman who counted the days, no minutes, until retirement. She had a job? For some reason I thought that once you retired, your Social Security benefits would be penalized. She explained that you can still receive benefits while working. If you are younger than the full retirement age (currently 66) and earn more than a certain amount, your monthly benefits are temporarily reduced. For example, if you reach full retirement age of 66 in 2016, you can earn up to $41,880 a year without affecting your Social Security benefits.

She seemed very proud of herself, but still hadn’t told me what the new job was. It turns out she’d gotten a job with At Home Preferred as a home care provider.

“You’re not a nurse and you’re afraid of doctors. How can you work in home care?” She explained what the job entailed: visiting people in their homes, usually elderly adults, and preparing meals, doing light housework, and reminding the person to take medications. Often her job was to provide companionship – watch television, talk, play games.

She loves the flexibility and the ability to earn extra money, but the best part of the job is getting out and meeting – and helping – new people. “It’s not like work at all,” she said with a smile.

The she offered to get us a second latte and a scone and she was paying. Now that’s a change I like!

Careers as a home care provider with At Home Preferred are flexible and rewarding. You work as much or as little as you like! For more information, visit our website. If you’re retired and want more information on how working impacts your Social Security, check out this helpful booklet.