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Our Story

At Home Preferred is an in-home care company locally owned and operated in Indianapolis, Indiana, by our parent company, RN & Allied Specialties, a Joint Commission accredited healthcare staffing company serving Central Indiana hospitals since 1995.

Although the core business of RN & Allied Specialties is to provide supplemental nursing staff to hospitals, we have always had requests to provide non-medical care in the home.

In 2011, we created a separate division to accommodate this growing demand. We fbelieved we could bring our staffing expertise to the home care and senior care market that is largely made up of franchises and smaller companies that have limited experience with health care staffing.

This unique relationship between At Home Preferred and RN & Allied Specialties allows families to receive care in the home under almost any circumstance.

If you or someone you know is exploring in-home care or senior care services in the Indianapolis or Central Indiana area, please call (317) 237-7770 or Email Us to schedule a Free Initial Assessment.