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In-Home Care: How Do You Know What You Need?

by At Home Preferred on July 26, 2012

Whether it’s leaving your glasses at home during a business trip, forgetting to turn a light off or set the thermostat before a family vacation, or double-checking your pet’s food and water bowls; we know how easy it can be to overlook even the most normal, everyday activities and chores. As the family member of a loved one who will be receiving in-home care, you might help out automatically in so many ways that it can be tough to create a comprehensive “to-do list.”

At Home Preferred knows that an initial interview, careful evaluation and recommendations, and periodic reassessments are all essential to getting the in-home care and services that your loved one needs.

  • Initial interview

A successful outcome starts from the very beginning. Listening and learning from our client on Day One allows us to make a complete list of needs and services that need to be provided, as well as determining the family’s level of involvement. Because our initial assessment is performed by a Registered Nurse, we can also make service recommendations for providers of in-home medical care-“care” is an essential part of our service, no matter what needs arise.

  • Evaluation and recommendations

Once the client’s needs have been evaluated, we prioritize and determine what services can be performed, and who can perform them. We carefully choose caregivers based on each person’s home, personality, and specific situation. Our detailed Plan of Care lists clearly every task that is needed, showing what needs to be done each day of the week.

  • Reassessment and feedback

At Home Preferred insists on continuous feedback from our clients, family members, and caregivers. We know that needs and services can change over time, and this ensures we stay aware of, and can revisit or revise the Plan of Care. Providing this continuity of care means we’re committed to the changing home lives of our clients.

Our comprehensive initial interview, professional evaluation, in-home care recommendations, and continuous reassessment and feedback means that you’ll know exactly what care your loved one is receiving, day-in and day-out. Keeping the process clearly documented, and informing family members, clients, and caregivers, means that everyone stays on the same page. With such safeguards, you can have peace of mind that our clients, and your loved ones, are receiving the utmost in care without worrying about forgetting any piece of your mental to-do list.