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Our Process

At Home Preferred has helped thousands of families preserve the independence of their loved ones. Our experience has shown that successful relationships involve four elements: a thorough assessment of your loved one’s needs, the selection of the right caregivers, open communication with you and your family member, and finally, a willingness to assess and adjust the care plan to make this shared journey better for all.

We integrate these components into every client engagement so families are assured their loved ones have a rewarding, safe experience.

Individualized Care Plan

Our first step is to visit the home to meet with you and the family member requiring assistance so that we gain an understanding of your specific needs. With this information, our Nurse Liaison develops an Individualized Care Plan for your family member that addresses the client’s requirements and coordinates care with our caregiver or team of caregivers.

Caregiver Selection

After the initial meeting, we carefully select a team of caregivers whose skills and temperament complement the client and home environment to ensure the best possible fit. Our Nurse Liaison makes sure the care team understands the client’s specific needs and is trained and oriented to the home so they successfully perform the tasks outlined in the specific plan of care.

Ongoing Communications

We want to hear from you and your loved ones on how we’re doing. We encourage open communications at all times your satisfaction is our top priority. Our Nurse Liaison conducts routine visits to the home to follow up and talk with the client, you and other family members, and the caregivers. Formal and informal conversations are welcomed as this enables us to be more responsive to you. All family members have 24/7 access to an At Home Preferred care manager.

Plan Assessment

As our relationship with you progresses, you may find the needs of your loved one change as well. We are happy to assess your care plan and adjust based on what help is needed at the time. This allows us to provide the services most appropriate to our clients.

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