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For Families

What is the first step in determining if I need or want services?
The first step is to contact an At Home Preferred representative (317) 237-7770 so that you can receive answers to some basic questions about your needs. Once you feel comfortable in going forward, we would arrange a convenient time for one of our Care Coordinators to meet with you and/or your family to specifically discuss how our company could help you.
How much do home care services cost?
Services are provided within a range of $23 – $25 per hour depending on what services are needed and when – weekday, weekday night, weekends, etc. We will provide the rates after learning more about the client’s needs.
How do we know if we need nursing help or simply non-skilled assistance?
The State of Indiana is very clear on the types of services a Personal Service Agency can perform. That is why we meet first to assess the needs of the client and develop a service plan that meets the needs of  client while operating within our license.  If we are unable to meet the clients needs, we have other partners that we can recommend for the family to consider in providing the other services.  
Are your caregivers insured and bonded?
AHP is a licensed, bonded, and insured agency. We provide the necessary Worker’s Compensation and General Liability insurance to our employees. AHP performs background checks on our caregivers and requires them to undergo rigorous on and offsite training. Our screening and training procedures, combined with our responsible approach to providing necessary insurance coverage sets us completely apart from our competition.
Are your caregivers employees or independent contractors?
Our caregivers are employees. Some companies choose to use independent contractors instead of employees. AHP, however, uses only employees and takes full accountability and responsibility for their work. By doing this, we don’t expose our clients to various liability risks (e.g., taxes, worker’s compensation and unemployment compensation) associated with the engagement of caregivers. Our number one concern is providing world class service.
Can the caregiver drive my loved one to run errands or to the doctor?
Absolutely. First, we make sure that all of our caregivers have a valid driver’s license and automobile insurance. If a client needs to be driven somewhere, the caregiver can either use the client’s automobile or the caregiver’s vehicle. The cost of the fuel will be the responsibility of the client if using his or her car and the client will be billed for mileage if the caregiver’s car is used. The car insurance obligation will depend on whose care is used for the transportation.
Are your home care services covered by Medicare, Medicaid or other insurance?
Our services are not covered by Medicare or Medicaid. However, some clients have long term disability policies that may apply. If you have a long term care policy, we can assist you with analyzing any benefits that it may have for our types of services.
How do we pay for home care services?
Services can can be paid for with a personal check or ACH. We cannot accept insurance; however, we will be happy to help you evaluate your insurance if you have a long term care policy which provides for our types of services.
Is there a minimum number of hours that have to be used?
The usual request is 6-12 hours per shift. However, during the process of developing an individualized care plan for you or your loved one, we may determine that shorter or longer shifts are necessary. We can typically accommodate most situations.
Can the caregiver give medications?
While the caregiver cannot give medications due to licensing restrictions, he/she can remind the client to take his or her medications. This is a very common request by our clients. We also have registered nurses who can set up the medications if necessary and the family can be involved as well.