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Five Fun Things to Do With Seniors

by Katie Riggs on July 24, 2016

elderly-peopleRemember the old Cindi Lauper song, Girls Just Want to Have Fun? I’d like to propose a new version, Seniors Just Want to Have Fun! We might think our elderly parents enjoy quiet time, but the reverse is true. They want to have fun, laugh and enjoy the people they love.

Sometimes it can be challenging, particularly if our parents have lost some of their physical abilities or suffer from dementia. But there are many things we can do with our elderly parents that are fun! Here are five fun things you can do with seniors, but don’t be surprised if your kids want to join in, too. After reading these, I’m sure you’ll think of more.

ACTIVITY 1: What I Loved To Do as a Child. Seniors enjoy reminiscing and they are full of interesting stories. My grandmother shared a story with me about having a black bear as a pet when growing up in Michigan. Who knew? So make some snacks and sit down with mom, dad or a grandparent and ask what their favorite activity or hobby was when they were children. Ask follow-on questions to keep the conversation going. This activity will definitely will spark fun memories. If you have kids, have them join the conversation. They’d see grandma and grandpa in a new light.

ACTIVITY 2: Dance Club. This one is simple and tons of fun! Push back the furniture and turn on the music; it can be tunes from your parents’ teen years or current music. Dance with mom or dad as a couple or just freestyle. If your parent is in a wheelchair, they can still move to the beat. Again, this is a good one to get kids involved in, too.

ACTIVITY 3: Guess Who Game. This is a good memory game to play individually or with a group of seniors. Get a collection of family photos – friends, too – and number them. Pass them around the group and have everyone write down the identity of the person in the photo. When everyone has identified the people in the photos, share the results. The results can be hilarious!

ACTIVITY 4: Card Making. This is a simple art and craft activity. Cards can be made for birthdays, holidays or other special occasions. You’ll need heavy paper for the cards (folded) and envelopes, glue, scissors, markers, ribbons, and other craft materials. Provide simple instructions and get started!

ACTIVITY 5: Wii Games. Several years back, my kids got Wii games for Christmas. They were bowling, an activity their grandparents loved when they were younger. The kids asked if they wanted to bowl. Did they?! What an understatement. They loved making their avatars and then bowled for hours. We ended up getting them their own Wii so they could continue bowling on their own.

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