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Dementia Care

Being the family caregiver for a loved one experiencing the onset of dementia or Alzheimer’s can be scary and frustrating. You are not alone. Our experienced caregivers can help relieve the stress of caring for your loved one. We provide not only basic care such as meal preparation, medication reminders and help around the home, but companion services to help ease your loved one’s feelings of loneliness and confusion.

Our hiring process includes identifying caregivers with specific backgrounds. In the case of providing caregivers to clients with dementia, this is especially critical in order to assist the families with understanding their loved one.

Our caregivers assist individuals with dementia in the following ways:


  • Listening to your loved one recount stories from their past
  • General conversation
  • Playing games, cards or puzzles
  • Physical activity such as taking walks, raking leaves or gardening
  • Listening to music
  • Baking cookies
  • Looking at family photographs
  • Making scrapbooks
  • Doing chores around the home such as folding laundry or washing dishes
  • Writing letters to family or friends

Behavior Management

  • Providing simple choices
  • Redirecting behaviors to decrease anxiety
  • Identifying things that trigger anxiety or stress and helping alleviate  worry
  • Ensuring that your loved ones is eating and drinking properly so physical needs are  met

A Higher Level of In-Home Care

We offer a personalized in-home assessment to determine the level of experience and background needed by our caregivers to appropriately care for your loved one. Consistency and routine are  important for individuals suffering from dementia; therefore, our goal is to ensure a consistent team of caregivers for your loved one. This allows us to create relationships that build trust and comfort for your family member.

Learn More About Our Alzheimer and Dementia Care Services

At Home Preferred is committed to providing your loved one with caregivers who make a positive impact in their lives. To learn more about our dementia and Alzheimer care services, call (317) 237-7770 or Email Us.