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Are Homecare Services Covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and Other Insurance?

by At Home Preferred on July 12, 2012

The process of aging is not an easy one-however, just because the road may be filled with obstacles, a life path towards an educated, supportive decision about your loved ones’ living situation is definitely within reach.Homecare services, whether they are personal services, health-licensed, or health-licensed and certified, are all options that can allow extended independence for individuals who might otherwise not be able to stay in their own home. Just as the services offered by each differ, so too do the financial options associated with each.

Personal Care Services

Personal services include many of the daily tasks that most people assume are part of everyday life. From running errands to the store, fixing and serving meals, transportation to-and-from locations, and even bathing assistance; personal care is about developing a relationship with the ability to serve, help, and assist with your loved ones’ daily activities. Because personal service care does not include medical treatment or assistance, Medicare and Medicaid do not cover personal service agencies. However, if a helpful, positive assistant can allow a parent or other relative to continue to enjoy life on their own terms, this type of care is worthy of investment.

Health-Licensed Care Services

Health-licensed care services are more medically focused. These individuals can be Home Health Aides, Licensed Practical Nurses, or Registered Nurses, and are qualified to provide medication, give complete bathings, draw blood, set-up IV lines, and other general medical duties. These services must be licensed by the State of Indiana in order to practice. They can also perform the duties or a personal service aide, though generally their focus is more on the medical side. Health-licensed services are covered by through Medicaid waivers, and some private insurance policies. Based on how much medical care your loved one needs assistance with, health-licensed care services may be a decision that allows them to continue living on their own.

Health-Licensed & Certified Care Services

Health-licensed and certified services are the next level upwards in medical-focused homecare. Staffed by the same qualified medical professionals as health-licensed services, the difference being in addition to being State-licensed, they are also certified by Medicare. These licensed-and-certified services are covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and third-party insurers, as well as through private pay. If your loved one qualifies for Medicare or Medicaid and needs medical-based assistance, you may wish to investigate health-licensed and certified services.

Choosing the correct path for a family member can be difficult-taking your time to research all of your available options, as well as examining exactly what services are specifically required in order to promote a healthy and happy home situation, are essential to making an educated decision. Make sure you consult both with your agency, and your loved one, to ensure a transition into quality homecare services, whether personal, health-licensed, or health-certified.