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Our Caregivers

The health and safety of your loved ones is your primary concern—it’s ours, too. To this end, At Home Preferred has created and follows a stringent hiring process incorporating the highest industry standards and our own proven experience to ensure we hire the most qualified caregivers. We look for individuals who are caring, trustworthy and reliable; who have a genuine passion for helping others; and who practice professionalism and integrity. Many of our caregivers are nursing and allied health students, Certified Nursing Assistants and Home Health Aides. With the safety and happiness of your loved one and our reputation riding on every hire, not every applicant is invited to join our team!

Our thorough selection process includes:

  • An initial online screening and testing to ensure job fit and competency
  • Behavioral and personality assessments
  •  Face-to-face interview with members of the At Home Preferred leadership team
  • National and state criminal background checks
  • National and state sex offender registry checks
  • Social Security verification
  • Medicare and Medicaid fraud and abuse checks
  • A 10-panel drug screen
  • Professional and personal references checks
  • Verification of previous employment and education
  • TB test

Individuals selected to join our team participate in a general orientation with our Care Coordinators to gain a deep understanding of our philosophy and culture. Client-specific orientations are held with each new assignment. At Home Preferred also sponsors continuing education activities for our caregivers to promote best practices throughout their career with us.

All of our in-home caregivers must score at least 80 percent on a Personal Care Attendant competency exam. Additionally, all of our caregivers must undergo a competency skill sets programs.

For answers to commonly asked questions, please visit our FAQ section.

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